Friday, October 10, 2008

New pets!

Well, we've acquired 2 new pets this past week. We got a woolybear caterpillar that we're going to try to over-winter and watch turn into a Tiger moth in the spring. (Directions on how to do so can be found here:Capture a Bear for the Winter.) We've only had it since Saturday. It was fine this morning. This afternoon, it's on the bottom of its jar. I hope it's doing it's "sleeping-on-the-bottom-after-being-tired-of-perching-on-the-twig" thing and not it's "dead" thing! I think we'll keep our eye out for some more, just in case!

Today, Dan was up at a friend's shop doing some work to some of the Herbie pieces. When he was leaving, he found a baby snapping turtle in the parking lot! He didn't know it was a snapping turtle. He came home and shoved a Taco Bell cup in my face and said look what I caught you! I looked and said "a snapping turtle!?!?" He said, no it's not. I found it on Google images. I was na na na na. It's really cute, though. He's only about as big as a silver dollar. He's in our old hermit crab cage. When he gets too big for his cage, we'll see about setting him free at the Wilderness Center or taking him to the Sanders Center. We've named him Woodstock. That way, he can be Charlie's and we don't have to get Charlie a goldfish right now, since he's the only kid without a goldfish. I'll try to get some pictures later. I took some with my new camera, but I think it's too fancy for my poor picture taking skills, and I couldn't get it to focus right. I'll try again later when I don't have 3 kids bouncing off me asking if they can just touch the turtle one time.

My yarn is looking good. It's still drying. I got about half of it untangled. It's looking alot more brown now. I've got it hanging above my dryer to hopefully help it dry a little faster. I'm antsy to get knitting with it!

Oh, and for our grand tardies! In fact, the girls were even ready early for school this morning. Dan took them for me, and he brought me home a maple cream stick! (There is an AWESOME bakery right by the girls' school.) Yay! It's been a good day. Now, I just have to clean tonight and FINALLY get out my Samhain decorations for our "reunion" tomorrow!

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Samsara said...

What's a snapping turtle? I'd love to see a picture! Nice natural dye job by the way! :-)