Friday, April 3, 2009


So, tonight is the school carnival! We're hoping to bring home Bocco #675 tonight....and hopefully this one will live longer than a week! They are having a mouse game. The mice were in the office. Atley is in love. They are pretty freakin' cute. I always wanted a pet mouse. Apparently, I saw the description of the game, and you pick a color, and if the mouse lands on it, you win. I don't know how they are going to propel live mice onto colors...we'll see!

I was in school twice by 9:30 this morning. I got a call about 11:00 yesterday morning from school. Ari had green drainage coming from her ear! I picked her up, knowing full and well what it was. I called the doctor, and the stupid nurse said I had to take her to the ER. I said really? We don't have insurance, you guys can't see her? She said I could try stat care. Nice way to treat a patient you've had for over 15 years, huh? So, off we went to stat care, where the doc barely looked in her ears and could see a bilateral ear infection with perforated right ear drum. He took a culture. NOTHING they could not have done easily (and less expensively) in the office. Maybe I will find a new one since my old doc left, anyway. The new one wouldn't even give me an Epi pen for Ari and her dye allergy, even though she had a really nasty reaction, and from what the pharmacist said yesterday, was borderline anaphylactic!! Dr's reasoning: With all the kids around, I wouldn't feel safe so no one gets hurt. Yeah, like I let my kids play with sharp objects and medication. grrr

So, anyway, we get done at stat care and go to Giant Eagle, because they have $4 prescriptions! So, we get there. Now, the stat care doc gave her Zithromax because Dan and Melodie are allergic to Penicillin, and with her other allergies and skin conditions, it makes her more prone, especially with the family history, and he didn't feel the risk was worth it. So, of course, the Zithromax isn't under their $4 program. It's $30. Ok, fine, get the kid the meds so she can get better. I get called back like 5 minutes, that was quick. Nope, turns out Zithromax has RED DYE IN IT!! So, they had to call stat care and get a different Rx. This time, we get Omnicef, which does not have red dye, but can cause a reaction in 1 out of 5 people who are allergic to Penicillin. We decide to risk it. Of course, this isn't covered either, and we're up to $60 now!! The pharmacy tech asked if I was sure. No, what am I going to do, let my baby drain pus out of her ear??

So, we finally seem to be on the road to recovery, though. Ari's ear has stopped draining, though she can't submerge her head. She was so upset by that because today was swim class at school, and she has to sit out. AND I now have to help her wash her hair. (She's very independent, and I know won't be happy about this for long) The stat care doc said to follow up in 10 days or so with the family doctor and they might want me to see an ENT. (This is her first ear infection, but because of the perf.) So, I'm just going to call the doc and see if they want her referred, because I'm not going to take her there, just to have them tell me to go to an ENT. Luckily, I have a hook up with a good ENT.

Dan feels horrible. I wanted to take her in Tuesday, because she developed a rash Monday from the viral infection she's had for 2 weeks now. He said no, don't take her, she's fine. If she would have had antibiotics Tuesday, she probably wouldn't have perforated. So, now he feels super bad because Ari is his little princess, and because of him she is worse of than she would have been. Of course he tried to blame it on swim class, because he hates them having swim class. I told him, her last swim class was like 2 months ago. She does NOT have an ear infection from swimming!

Ugh. Anyway, I wanted to talk to the teacher this morning because Ari can't ear well, and I wanted her to know she had to speak up for her and to watch her going to the pool so she didn't get run over in the parking lot or anything because she can't hear. I had written a note, too. Well, we get home, and I see the note on the couch. For some reason, Ari took it out of her folder! So, I go back down so she doesn't get a bad mark for gym that swim class counts for. AND, we're going back tonight for the carnival, not to mention I have to pick the girls up this afternoon. I swear, my car could auto pilot to school!


Herrad said...

Hi Michelle,

What a day you had.
Hope your kid's ear is getting better.
Take care

Michelle said...

Thanks! She says it doesn't hurt, but she still can't hear!

Jennifer said...

Ugh. Ridiculous! Stupid health insurance...