Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Doctors Appt

Well, Ari is getting her check up today for her ear. Hopefully, she will get a clean bill of health. I'm hoping they can squeeze Atley in, too.

My mom is taking me shopping to pick up at least a new top for my friend's baby shower Saturday. It's at the restaurant I used to work at. Then, we're going out to eat at Red Lobster. Ari wanted to go Saturday, but it took too much time getting their Easter Bunny pictures. My mom promised her we'd go if she behaved at her doctor's appointment. (She hates going to the doctor and is usually rather rude to them. She was really good at stat care, though. Maybe she finally grew out of it. She has gotten so much more mature this past year!)

I pick up Charlie's birthday pictures today! I can't wait.

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Jennifer said...

Red Lobster! I haven't been there in ten years--when I was still totally stoked to be able to order a pina colada. LOL Good luck with the doctor.