Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One more step to greener living!

I'm so excited! A couple weeks ago, I bought some clothesline. We had a clothesline when we moved in, but it was old and icky, and when we redid the shingles on the garage we took it down because we had to replace some facing it was attached to. I don't think I had ever really used it all that much, if at all. Maybe just to hang swimming towels on to dry out. Well, I decided with the crap-shoot that is our life, we need to save as much $$ as we can. During the winter, I just pulled the dryer vent off the wall and used it to help heat the house...electricity is cheaper than gas, and if I'm using electricity to dry the clothes, I might as well get some benefit, plus it added humidity to our dry, scaly, itchy skin. (our house is 1-story, no basement, and the laundry is in the corner of the kitchen, so it worked well.)

So, now it's FINALLY getting warmer (well, until now when it's supposed to freakin' snow again) and I've had the itch to get outside. I've been pestering Dan to put up my clothesline, and he did!! Sunday, he finally put it up. I ran out and put a load up right away. I'm still going to dry "underthings" and socks in the dryer, but do you know how much that will cut down on my dryer time!?! I need to get another line today because we didn't have enough to run 3 rows, and with 6 people, I could use 3 rows. Now, I have to get that pattern for the clothespin bag out of my queue!! yay!! I'm so excited!!


DryerventwizardJames said...

It can also add mold in the walls where you can not see it. here is a link and a site for more info if you want to know. http://repair2000.com/vent_sick.htm Or Dryerventwizard.com

Miss Mac said...

When you find that pattern I would love to have it!!! I am going to be setting up my clothesline soon as well and need a new clothespin bag.

Laux said...

Good for you! :) I LOVE the smell of fresh laundry off the line. Way better than any detergent or fabric softener can smell.