Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Pinch Me

We don't owe taxes this year! We won't see our refund because it will go to back taxes, but it will take us down to just about 1 year of back taxes! and NO NEW TAXES! I'm still in shock. I cried when I saw the number stay in the black after I entered my 1099. I just can't believe it.

On top of that, my mom bought me new clothes yesterday. I'm the smallest size I've been since I got pregnant with Ari! I picked up my yarn to get started on some bibs for my booth, too. I told my mom, either our crappy luck is finally changing, or the bottom is just going to fall out because too much good has happened for too long! (yes, 2 weeks is a long time for good luck for us!)

Ari's appointment went okay yesterday. The perforation is healed, but she still has some bulging pressure. The doctor wants an audiology check in about a month. He said to check to see if school will do it for free, or to call him back if we get on Healthy Start, and he'll schedule it then. He said if the pressure doesn't release, she may need tubes so it doesn't affect her hearing. Hearing problems run in my family anyway, so we want to stay on top of it.

On the other hand, of course since Atley's swelling was going down, I didn't end up having them check him out....and when we got home last night after the doctor, dinner, and shopping, his temp was 102.1. It's 101.0 this morning. My mom said if it doesn't go down, to get him back in there.

I got Charlie's pics yesterday! OMG! He's adorable. Even Dan liked them, and he usually grumbles about the kids' pics.

I got Charlie's vest done last night! I'm going to start on Bronty tonight. 1 week, 2 dinos and a puzzle...can I knit that fast???


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

Awesome! Back taxes suck. We dealt with that for several years and it was always a pleasure to see a big chunk go towards them each year. (We would take out too much from our weekly pay so that it wouldn't happen again...)

Yay for other things going well! I'll keep my fingers crossed that things continue to go well and I hope that the kids feel better!

Jennifer said...

We had the opposite problem--which is less of a hassle, but kind of annoying when you consider that you could've been playing with that $3000 all year long... DH has a system now, and we were just about even this year. (We always have to pay the state. No idea why.)