Sunday, April 26, 2009

Two Wheels!

Melodie can ride a bike! She falls more often than she goes, but she can pedal a 2-wheeler by herself! (Of course, just now, I realize, gee, I should have taken a picture! doh! I will get one this afternoon. We will be practicing some more.)

She got a new 2-wheeler for X-mas. She hadn't tried it AT ALL. Yesterday, I finally casually suggested it, and she ran with the idea! I still won't let her ride on the sidewalk by herself, but hopefully soon she'll be able to zip up and down at least part of the block on the sidewalk and have some fun with it. Could she finally be starting to get a teensy bit more "normal" and less gifted-flighty?

Atley was very jealous of her riding her bike. He was jealous of Charlie's gifts. We skipped the terrible 2's with him. Are we instead getting the ferocious 4's? Mr. Evel Kneivel seemed hell bent on flying down the driveway. (Our driveway is very steep, and obviously as it's a driveway, goes right into the street.)

Ari went to a little friend from school's birthday party yesterday. It was the first time she went alone to a party. She had a blast! And, it turns out her friend lives just a couple blocks down the street! (none of their school friends live near us since we're supposed to go to the other school.) So, her mom and I talked, and we'll hopefully be getting the girls together over the summer. Yay! That is the only thing I really don't like about this neighborhood. It's mostly elderly people. It's nice and peaceful and safe, but a complete lack of neighborhood friends.

The people across the street from us have kids, little boys even, that are Atley's age and probably about 1 1/2, but they are never outside. We are outside alot, and I know they've seen us. I figure if they would want to be friends, they would have said something. I guess not. :0( Maybe they are just unbearably shy like me and I should go knock on their door sometime. I don't know if I can get up the nerve! Honestly though, I didn't even know they had a kid until I saw the older boy outside once when he was about 2. I've seen them outside less than a dozen times, I'm sure. Just last week was the second time I'd seen the little one outside.

Oh, and wouldn't you know it, Fasty Bocco is doing well. He is swimming around, eating, and checking out the pirate ship wreck. Hermione(Ari's fish), on the other hand, has taken a turn for the worse. I think she has ick. I just changed their water last week, and it said a temperature change or stress can cause it. Maybe from the water change and the 40 degree weather one day to 80 the next could have done it? I put an ick tablet in the water today. We'll see how she does. Thankfully, Ari didn't care. She said that's okay, I'll just get another one. My mom said they're just immune to fish-death now, after the Bocco saga.

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