Sunday, April 19, 2009

Good Day

Well, I've had a pretty good last couple days! Yesterday, I went to my BFF's baby shower. It was fun. I got to give her my yarned goodies. I still owe her a dalmatian hat, but I figure I can give that to her in the hospital when baby is finally here! Oh, and it was so funny, my other BFF (the 3 of us are pretty much 3 peas in a pod) was babysitting her little niece who is 1 month older than Charlie. We sat them at the head of the table in their highchairs next to each other so they could play. It was too cute! They held hands. They shared pancakes, eggs, and Cheerios. She kept putting her finger in his mouth, and he'd suck on it. Then, he'd check out her buttons. They even shared toys! No fighting or biting at all. Very impressive for one year olds! We've decided they make a cute couple and are destined to be together. (We had decided that when Charlie was born, though!)

The girls got to help with the presents. They took turns holding the trash bag for the wrapping paper and were so excited. Ari won a door prize! She got a movie night gift basket, which is her favorite thing in the world.

My mom took the kids for an overnighter afterwards. I must say, I did enjoy it, although strangely, spring break went much happier and smoother than I thought it would, crappy weather and all! It was a pleasant surprise. Maybe summer won't be so dreadful this year...we'll see!

Dan's friend came over last night to celebrate his birthday. I made his good cake, and they both loved it! His friend kept saying how he hates chocolate cake and icing, but that was the best he ever ate, and he just loved it! Yay for me and my cake!

My mom still has the kids. I got the lawn mowed this morning. I'm doing good on getting work done. Charlie just laid down for a nap. It's been a good day!

I'm almost done with Charlie's dino. I hope to have it done tonight. I just need to do the feet and embroider the eyes. I finished the head last night. I can't wait for his birthday! I can't believe my sweet baby is going to be 1 already. He is still SO close to crawling. He gets on all fours, and then sits back down. He's doing good pulling himself up now. Hopefully in the next month or so, we'll finally get him walking, or at least scooting/crawling in the right direction! (He can scoot himself backwards on his belly with his arms. He can scoot on his butt wherever he wants to go, though.) Charlie will be getting a sock monkey cake for his birthday. I'm going to do a banana pudding filling in it! I can't wait. I'm so excited to get started on it!

I've also been inspired by Inspired Mama Musings (her button is on my blog! Check her out, she does some AWESOME work!) to break out the good ole' sewing machine again. I've been wanting to, but I just haven't had the drive to sew. I admit it, I'm lazy. I like to sit on the couch and knit. I have to sit in an uncomfortable wood chair to sew. But, I think I'm finally going to make the girls' dresses I got the fabric for last year. I really want to take the kids to get their pictures taken at the park. I'm hoping my mom's boyfriend will take some so Dan and I can get in them, too. We haven't done a family picture since Melodie was a baby, so we're long overdue! I was going to make the boys matching overall outfits, too, but my mom picked up a little short outfit for Atley on her last vacation, and it happens to match almost exactly a little outfit that used to be his that Charlie can wear now, so I think I'll leave them at that. I do need to make him his Spiderman jammies I've had the fabric for for over a year though. He doesn't really have any summer jammies for this year that will fit!

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Jennifer said...

A sock monkey cake with banana filling? That is genius. :)