Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dare I Say It??

Good things might finally start happening to me!?!?

Yesterday after our weekly grocery trip, I decided to finally stop at the florist's on the way home and talk to them about their "Crafters Wanted." I think I'm gonna do it! I need to get some inventory made up. My mom said she would spot me at least the first few months of space rent to get me started and see how it worked out. I'm so excited! Dan's kinda wishy-washy about it. The way I look at it, is this could be my only chance, and it's been practically thrown in my lap. I've really got nothing to lose, because if the shop space doesn't do good (they're a small florist, but they're hoping to expand in a couple months and be more flowers and a craft boutique kind of thing) I can always do craft shows or put more effort into my Etsy shop or on ebay.

Thanks for all the kinds words about my car! I'm still in mourning. It took every ounce of self restraint I had yesterday when I told my SIL they were invited down for Easter/Dan's birthday Sunday, and she asked if she should call their other brother, and I said yes not "No, car-killers aren't allowed!" One of Dan's friends came over last night. He and his fiancee restored her 65 Mustang last year. He was horrified to hear about my poor car.

Oh, we finally have 4 fish! *knock on wood* Atley picked out a new fish yesterday. This time, it is just a run of the mill goldfish. He named it Fasty Bocco. He's whitish with an orange dot on his head. He's so happy. He watched it for a couple hours last night.


Lauria @ Brackenbury Lane said...

That's awesome!! I hope your stuff does well. :)

Michelle said...

Thanks! :0)

cici said...

Good Luck to You!!!!

Debbi-a1 said...

Oh that sounds like its just for you! What a great opportunity.