Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Of course here in Ohio, it's yicky, crappy, cold, rainy, nasty out. Good thing we go to be outside yesterday! (In between the cold, yicky, crappy, rainy, sleety, hail.) We planted our strawberries in a planter. We trimmed down some bushes that didn't get it in the fall. (My mums are starting to come up, and their old stalks were there. I also trimmed down the butterfly bush so we can hopefully open and shut the window this summer. NOTE: To anyone growing butterfly bushes with crank out windows...plant a good 3 feet or more from the house or you will get butterfly bush stuck in your window when you try to reel it in!)

Atley rode his tricycle for quite awhile, while I hung out laundry and read a book Melodie's teacher loaned me. It's a very good read about sorting through verbal exchanges with your daughters. Very insightful.

Charlie is pulling up on othings like crazy! Still no walking or actual crawling yet, though. Last night, he and Atley played with Hot Wheels together. It was TOO cute!

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