Friday, April 10, 2009

I won!!

I won! Charlie's Hat won in the House Cup!! Yay! I won some roving. I'm so excited!!!

Speaking of roving, here is the ebay store that has the .99 cent roving! It's called My Special Tea. They have really good shipping time, and .99 cents, can't beat that! Some of it is more, but she has sales and stuff. I've bought at least 4 ounces or so from her. Now, to find the time to spin the rest of it!

Yesterday, the florist put up a big sign about opening their craft store! I need to get moving on getting some stuff made up!

Last night, I would have had the back of Charlie's vest done, but the kids did something with my pattern! I couldn't find it anywhere, and of course I had already shut down the computer for the night, and it wasn't worth the hassel of waiting for it to boot back up. So, hopefully tonight I'll get the back done and a good start on the front. It's working up superfast, but a babyvest in worsted weight isn't all that complicated of a project!! lol

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hallie m. said...

1st, congrats! But you gotta post pictures of what you spin up with your prize. ;)
2nd, bless you. :) I've bookmarked the shop, and plan to get some of their stuff once I get this batt of wool finished.
3rd, get yer butt in gear, woman! there are crafts to be made!